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    Each round, players take turns rolling and selecting dice in order to plant veggies in their gardens or feed them to their pig. However, keep an eye on the ever-changing market because you want to make sure you have plenty of desirable vegetables come harvest time!

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    Welcome to the TV business! You are the owner of a new television network. All you have are three awful public access shows, a small amount of cash, and endless ambition. Plus it looks like you’re not the only new TV network in town... 

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    Part strategy, part shooter, and undeniably stylish, SUPERHOT is the bestselling independent FPS (First-person Shooter) in which time moves only when you move. 

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    You’re part of a team of brilliant scientists working on the super secret lab: CERN. While experimenting with teletransportation your team came across a wonderful discovery: portals to new dimensions! The real problem is that all crazy wild creatures from those other dimensions can now walk in. Oh no!! Close the portals NOW!

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    "A game of surprising depth." - Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower"Super clever and head-twisty." - W. Eric Martin,"Unique little card game in various gradients of difficulty." - Eric Summerer, The Dice Tower

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    When gods fight, the blood of simpletons flows freely. Teomachia lets you become one of the ancient gods and spend one hour playing the lord of a group of devoted followers. You have one goal and one goal only: Annihilate your foe's believers and thereby move yourself one step closer to absolute power.

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    In Dice Brewing Players brew recipes using different colored dice representing the different components (pale and dark malts, hops) helping each with skills dice, different effects tokens, as well as cards of objects to support their “dice luck”. Players are also managing their dice and effectively disturbing other opponents strategy!

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    In set of cards you will find also a package of 6 bonus cards that add to the gameplay options for a whole new aspect of the game, enriching its course for the effects of sometimes funny effects. This is an interesting way to spice up your interactions and also it helps allowing the strategy of developing new ways of scheduling, or influencing the outcome...

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    Mats are an individual play area, where all the elements necessary for playing a Dice Brewing, have their place (warehouse, place for an active pool, tokens of special ingredients, seeds, action chips). 

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