Legends of Labyrinth

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Become the Lord of your kingdom!

Increase your influence and overcome your rivals!

Recruit Heroes and form powerful bands!

Thanks to their epic abilities you will gain immortal glory and immense riches!

The first Lord to recruit 3 retinues will be the winner!

Show everyone who is the true and only master here!

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About Legends of Labyrinth

 The goal of the game is to GATHER 3 RETINUES OF HEROES. The first player to do this wins the game! :)

A retinue can be gathered when you recruit 4 identical HEROES or 4 different LEGENDARY HEROES. Each RETINUE that you have gathered enables you to use its powerful abilities!

HEROES are recruited - in other words summoned to your kingdom (placed in front of you on the table) - by using proper INFLUENCE CARDS that you draw at the beginning of your turn.

These cards are also used to “steal” heroes and influence cards from other players and sabotage their plans - which brings tons of fun! During your turn, you can take 1 action - either play 1 INFLUENCE CARD or GATHER 1 RETINUE if you have proper heroes.

Important: If you collect a proper set of INFLUENCE cards, during one turn you will be able to draw many cards, recruit lots of heroes and take a number of actions to surprise your rivals! 

How to play Legends of Labyrinth? 


Why is Legends of Labyrinth a must?

●    Players compete constantly by taking over each other’s heroes and influence cards! :D

●    Players have a chance to control and hinder their rivals’ activities! :]

●    Players collect influence cards into certain sets to perform epic combinations of different actions!

●    Players have opportunities to cleverly use abilities of legendary heroes and their retinues.

●    Players must keep analyzing their best options and make optimal choices :]

●    The gameplay is very dynamic, with each game short and juicy (approx. 45-60 min.)

●    The game has a 2-player variant, but you can play in a group of 3 or 4 friends as well!

●    The game can be won by any player no matter the stage, so everyone keeps playing until the end with great chances for victory.

●    The rules are simple (even children can play), which makes the game a great gift for any occasion.

●    The game has a rich setting known from Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny (the story takes place before heroes found the Labyrinth).

●    The game is very climatic and beautifully illustrated.


IMPORTANT: This game is not about collecting new cards forever - the set is complete and ready to be played to its fullest right after unboxing! 

Authors: Kamil Matuszak
Number of players: 2-4
Recommended age: 14+
Playing time: 45 min.

Game components: 

9 Retinue Cards

46 Hero Cards

55 Influence Cards

4 Player Marker Sets


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